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Through years of providing top-quality foundations, we have obtained several award-winning and industry-leading achievements. Our work has been noted nationally on several occasions. We may be a relatively small concrete company, but our size does not reflect our ability nor limit our scope of work. We love completing four-wall basements, but on most occasions we find ourselves constructing some of the largest and most complex foundations in our surrounding counties.


Bontrager Concrete is one of few concrete contractors who offer almost every decorative concrete application available today. No matter the decorative application used, we hold to a very high standard for quality, pushing ourselves everyday to do better than yesterday. We are meticulously choosy on the products we use to produce these beautiful projects.


Though our decorative applications are the newest services we offer, the projects we have completed are some of the longest-wearing around when compared with the work of other installers. Trust us to bring you the peace of mind that we will be around for your next project.

Stamped Concrete

All of our pre-cast items can be custom cast to your exact specifications. What makes concrete tops stand alone in their market is the variety of colors, textures and customization options available that other solid surfaces simply cannot match. All of our products can be placed indoors or outdoors. To this day we have been able to achieve every counter top, bar, vanity, table, surround, hearth, sink or inlay that has been requested. We love a challenge!

Concrete Countertops
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