Q: How long do I have to wait to drive on my new concrete driveway?

A: We recommend that you wait 7 to 10 days before you start driving on your new driveway.

Q: How often do I have to seal my stamped patio?

A: Depending on traffic and exposure to the weather, your reseal could last up to 5 years.

Q: What is stamped concrete?

A: Stamped concrete is a standard concrete mix with color added and then imprinted with the pattern of your choice.

Q: What can I use to clean my decorative concrete?

A: For a list of ways to clean your decorative concrete click here .

Q: Will salt hurt my concrete?

A: Yes, you should use a non-chloride deicer sparingly.

Q: What is a overlay?

A: Overlays are a thin cementitous topping over existing sound concrete or wood sub-straight, for interior or exterior applications.

Q: What colors can I pick from?

A: It is best to always pick from a real sample, you can use color charts to get an idea.
     Integral color chart 
     Releases,Hardeners, Paks color chart
Eco Stain color chart

Q: I have a driveway that is old and weathered but sound. Can you fix my driveway or do I need to replace it?

A: If it is sound it can be overlaid for a like new appearance.

Q: Will you make a sample of my pattern and color for me so I can make sure that is what I want?

A: If we do not have a sample of what you are looking for, 1 sample can be made for your project.

Q: What is a spraytexture?

A: Spraytexture is a spray applied thin cementitous topping for both vertical and horizontal surfaces for interior or exterior applications.

Q: Can I seal my patio to often?

A: Yes, you can get sealer build up that could cast a yellow tint over your patio.

Q: Do I need drain tile in my basement?

A: Yes, it should be placed inside and outside of your basement.

Q: Do I need to waterproof my new basement?

A: Yes, a quality waterproof coating should be used to prevent moisture from migrating through your wall.

Q: What does pea gravel do under my basement floor?

A: In clay soil it provides excellent drainage so the water can access the drain tile quickly and easily.

Q: Can you put my basement in during the winter?

A: Yes, by adjusting to winter concrete procedures.

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